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ROPA is a Corporate Advisory Specializing in Capital Markets. We help business leaders, boards’, owners and entrepreneurs with Strategy, Management & Communications, Transactions, Mergers & Acquisitions, Crisis Management & Special Situations, Investor Relations and IPO’s. Our Services:

You will find ROPA's digital corporate advisory on BOARDA.se.

| Jenny Rosberg

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Our advices are based on operational and international experience.

Jenny Rosberg is the founder and CEO of ROPA management Ltd (AB). ROPA is the corporate advisory firm specializing in Capital Markets. In 2019 ROPA launched its Digital Corporate Advisory BOARDA.se helping business leaders and boards’ in SME-companies. She is also board member in  MIPS AB (publ), AB Persson Invest (family Office), CAG Group AB (publ), C-RAD AB (publ) and Chairman of the board in Solporten Fasighets AB (Family Office). Selected prior board assignments include Net Ent AB (publ), Länsförsäkringar Stockholm, Nordax Bank and Nordax Group AB (publ), Eastnine AB (publ),Nasdaq Stockholm AB, Nasdaq Helsinki Oy, Nasdaq Copenhagen A/S and Nasdaq Iceland hfr.  Prior to founding ROPA she held the position as Senior Vice President of Nasdaq Group Inc. (NASDAQ:NDAQ)