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BOARDA is ROPA’s digital services focused on STRATEGY, RISK and INFORMATION from the perspective of the capital market. ”We help business leaders’​ and boards being one step ahead in planning and execution of the business plan. Public companies get help to navigate in the regulated markets,”​ comments Jenny Rosberg the founder and CEO of ROPA.


>100 sessions LIVE in our Digital Corporate Advisory

BOARDA helps you to set the strategic agenda, manage risk, communications and disclosure in the marketplace.

Jenny Rosberg has a passion for SME companies. Ten years ago, she and her team at OMX launched the OMX Nordic Exchange and transformed the capital markets in the region into the perception of one Nordic marketplace. OMX was put on the radar screen for the Nasdaq acquisition. The Small Cap, Mid Cap and Large Caps segments were born together with sector visibility. The same year she and her team launched First North, one of the Nordic marketplaces for SME companies. The marketplace was tailored for the capital market constituents. So now its time to move on with the development, here comes a new initiative.

Proud digital partner to SSE Business Lab and Spotlight Stock Market.